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Our communities

We engage positively with the communities in which we operate and offer financial support to approved charities.

Our communities

​We are committed to improving the social and economic conditions of the communities in which we operate.  We seek to have a positive impact within our local communities through making charitable donations to worthwhile causes and engaging with local communities in a variety of ways, including contributing time, resources and expertise, where there is a local need.

Charitable donations

The Spirax Sarco Group Charitable Trust (Trust) makes donations in accordance with the Group Charitable Donations Policy. Our primary focus is education (particularly in the sciences and engineering), but we seek to identify and respond to local needs and will also make donations and organise activities in support of the underprivileged young, disadvantaged, disabled and elderly, and contribute to natural disaster relief. 

Since 2008, the largest single recipient of Trust funds has been the National Star College (NSC) in Cheltenham, UK. The NSC provides specialist further education to young people aged 16 to 25 years old with complex physical, educational and emotional needs. In addition to the £140,000 donated by the Trust since 2008, many fundraising activities have been undertaken by our employees locally in supp​ort of the NSC.

Throughout the world our operating companies undertake their own charitable activities, and support their employees’ volunteering and fundraising activities. 

During 2016, as a Group we donated over £267,000 to charitable causes, including £180,000 by the Trust and £87,000 by our companies locally, as well as contributing employee volunteering time.

Community engagement examples

During 2015, Spirax Sarco Singapore partnered with the Myanmar Engineering Society to provide steam system training to engineering students in Yangon, Myanmar. The month long course, which included three weeks of self-study and a week of practical demonstrations and factory visits, was hosted by the Myanmar Engineering Society, with Spirax Sarco providing all training materials, stationary, time and expertise free of charge.

Spirax Sarco UK sponsors the annual Cheltenham Science Festival. The company designs a stand, which is manned by our employees, through which it engages local people and, in particular, children in engineering and the science of steam and its modern applications. 

We also host STEMnet (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network) events at our Cheltenham manufacturing and R&D site.​

In addition to a focus on education, we recognise and respond to local needs.

During 2015, Spirax Sarco Malaysia built a home for an underprivileged Orang Asli family, Omis, Manah and their three children, within Peninsula Malaysia. With a safe home, Omis, a rubber tapper, can now focus on providing his family with food and ensure that his children have the necessary equipment for school.

In Spirax Sarco South Korea, our employees have a club called “Help” which reaches out to the disabled and less fortunate in the local community through giving time and money to help those in need. Activities include visiting and helping at a centre for the disabled; staffing a soup kitchen; and twice a year delivering coal, bread and rice to the elderly. The Club is financed by donations from the company as well as from money raised by collections and fundraising events organised by the Club members.

Throughout the Group, our employees are working to positively affect the communities in which we operate.​