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Health and safety

Health and safety
We recognise our responsibility to ensure the well-being and safety of our employees and to maintain a safe environment for visitors and contractors.

Health and safety

​Looking after the health and wellbeing of our people is a key priority for the Group. Our Group H&S objective is to: achieve health and safety (H&S) excellence through engagement, empowerment and fostering good behaviours, while targeting zero accidents.

H&S culture

We embed a H&S culture across the Group through providing our employees with the training and tools needed to recognise and understand both the importance of H&S practices and how to proactively mitigate risk.
We are currently rolling out a Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) programme across our manufacturing sites. BBS was first implemented in our Spirax Sarco operating company in the USA during 2011 to engage all employees in H&S, enabling them to better identify and eliminate risks; to drive cultural change; and to incentivise staff to live a healthier lifestyle.
Core components of the programme include:​
  1. A "start with safety" culture
  2. Regular and formal reviews of all accidents, near misses, risks and risk behaviours
  3. On-going H&S training for all employees
  4. The identification of job specific "safe behaviours"
  5. A combination of both leading and lagging key performance indicators.

Managing H&S

We have a well-defined H&S management and governance structure. The Group Chief Executive and Board of Directors have overall responsibility for H&S performance, and H&S is a standing agenda item at Board meetings. We have a Group Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Executive who has responsibility for the day-to-day management of EHS matters across the Group, facilitates the sharing of best practice and ensures that appropriate processes are in place for collecting and reporting H&S data. At a local level, H&S officers and committees record and report data and review H&S performance, while General Managers have responsibility for ensuring the implementation of H&S policies and procedures within their operating companies.
All our operating companies are expected to adhere to the Group H&S Policy and to have a local H&S Policy in place. Each of our operating companies has an occupational H&S management system, which generally follows the requirements of OHSAS 18001. By the end of 2018, 15  of our 26 manufacturing sites were certified to OHSAS 18001.
All H&S accidents, near misses and incidents of occupational diseases are recorded locally and reported monthly, with RIDDOR reportable accidents and incidents being reported immediately to the Group EHS Executive.
We have embedded a leading indicator programme across our manufacturing facilities and established bi-weekly H&S meetings, attended by H&S personnel from all manufacturing sites. All accidents are investigated using a “5 why” approach and a “strengths of defences” template, identifying root causes and enabling strong corrective actions to be put in place.
Regular H&S assessments take place across our global operations and appropriate H&S due diligence surveys are completed during corporate acquisitions.