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Our business model and strategy

Business model and strategy
Our resilient direct sales business model positions us well to create long-term value for shareholders.

Our business model and strategy

We have built a resilient business model that has enabled the business to prosper and that positions us well to deliver continued good organic revenue growth.

We benefit from the diversity of our end-user markets and customers, broad product range, our wide geographic spread, high replacement content in our revenue streams and a large base of installed equipment around the world that requires continual upkeep and improvement.

We employ a technical, direct sales approach that allows us to better understand our customers’ needs and to implement appropriate engineered solutions.

Creating value through meeting customer needs

Meeting the needs of our customers by helping them to solve their difficult productivity and process challenges, improve their operational sustainability and comply with increasingly stringent health, safety and environmental requirements, is at the core of what we do. Our customers’ needs are at the heart of our business model and it is through meeting those needs that we create value.

To meet our customers’ needs we: manufacture high quality products; advise customers on the most effective application of these products; design bespoke engineering packages; arrange installation of our engineered solutions; and help our end users ​to maintain and replace our installed equipment to ensure optimum efficiency in their industrial systems.​
Business model diagram

Customer closeness

Our direct sales business model creates a unique understanding of our customers’ needs and enables us to build deep, long-term relationships as we help our customers solve their difficult productivity, control and energy efficiency problems, and improve their operational performance and sustainability.

Applied engineering

It is not our products alone that provide value to our customers – it is the application of our extensive knowledge of systems design, operations and maintenance. Our customers increasingly rely on our expertise to deliver unique engineering solutions to achieve enhanced and sustainable operating efficiencies.

Wide product range

The breadth of our product offering is unmatched by our competitors and our one-stop shop approach simplifies the procurement process for our customers who are increasingly seeking partnerships with competent full-service suppliers. We are committed to R&D to further widen our range of products and pre-fabricated engineered packages.

Regional manufacturing

Local availability of a wide range of products, which meet applicable regional design codes, is critical to our business model and enhances top-line revenue growth. We have strategically located our manufacturing plants across the world, in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia.
​Our business model drives sustainable growth and value for our key stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and local communities.

Our remuneration policy creates a strong alignment between the creation of value and Executive Director remuneration. In order to align results with rewards, a significant percentage of each Executive Director’s remuneration package is dependent upon meeting challenging performance targets.

Our strategy​

The objective of our strategy is to deliver self-generated growth that outperforms our markets. To accomplish this, we are focusing on our six strategic themes, which are designed to increase the effectiveness of our direct sales organisation, leverage our strengths in key sectors, take advantage of the most attractive opportunities, expand our addressable markets and align and direct our resources more effectively to improve business performance.

Our six strategic themes are:
  • Increase direct sales effectiveness through market sector focus
  • Develop the knowledge and skills of our expert sales and service teams 
  • Broaden our global presence​
  • Leverage R&D investments
  • Optimise supply chain effectiveness
  • Operate sustainably and help improve our customers' sustainability​.
​Through implementing our strategy we are further strengthening our direct sales business model and enhancing our ability to self-generate growth, which we achieve as we work closely with our end users to identify their unrealised needs and provide products and solutions to solve their difficult operational challenges.​​