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Good governance

Good governance
We believe that good governance requires honesty, transparency and accountability in the way we run our business.

Good governance

​We believe that good governance is essential to the success and sustainability of our business. We define good governance as managing the business honestly, transparently and in accordance with best practice, the UK Corporate Governance Code, the UK Stewardship Code and all applicable laws and regulations.

We are fully compliant with the principles and provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code 2016. View our Statement of Compliance​.

Good governance helps us to:
  • ​ensure that our shareholders receive a good return on investment;
  • behave with integrity as colleagues, making sure that each person feels valued, motivated and rewarded;
  • treat our customers, suppliers and local communities properly; and
  • respect the environment.
The Board aims to embed good governance practices throughout the Group, ensuring that they are an integral part of running our successful business. The Board meets regularly and its agendas are linked to the fundamentals of a trusted brand, a clear strategic plan, strong leadership, motivated employees and satisfied customers, together with the necessary checks and balances. It focuses on long-term plans for our business, the issues that matter on the ground, and what our managers are doing day-to-day.

Our Values of customer focus, excellence, respect, integrity, safety and collaboration provide the foundation upon which we make decisions, drive innovation and manage our global operations. In addition, our Group Management Code articulates the standards that we expect everyone within the Group to meet. It includes the requirement to comply with laws, regulations and Group policies; the rejection of bribery and corruption; the promotion of ethical business practices; the fair treatment of customers; the confidentiality of information; and respect for our people, communities and the environment.

For more information on our governance policies and procedures, including matters reserved to the Board and the Terms of Reference of the Board committees, please visit our Policies and Procedures page​.​