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Chromalox, which joined the Spirax-Sarco Engineering group in 2017, is a leading provider of electrical thermal technologies for the world’s toughest industrial heating applications.


Chromalox invented electric heating technology 100 years ago when the company’s founder, a self-taught engineer, invented and patented the first metal-sheathed resistance heating element. It was this technology that launched an entire industry. That pioneering, innovative spirit continues today. Built on opportunity and innovation, Chromalox has grown to serve an increasing number of global markets and industries. ​


Heat Trace, which delivers Temperature Management Solutions for piping systems, valves, and tanks; Industrial Heaters and Systems, which deliver Process Heating Solutions for revenue-generating industrial processes; and Component Technologies, which deliver Component Heating Solutions for industrial equipment manufacturers. ​

Chromalox is highly complementary to the Steam Specialties business, with the decision between using steam or electricity as a heating medium being driven by differing needs of an application or customer circumstances.

Global presence

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Chromalox has a presence on six continents to provide rapid service and support whenever and wherever it is needed. With a direct sales presence in 16 countries and over 2,000 authorised distributors worldwide, Chromalox serves customers globally.​

Manufacturing locations

Chromalox maintains six manufacturing plants throughout the world; in the USA, Mexico, France and China, and maintains numerous global product and plant certifications, including ISO 9001:2008, ATEX/IECEx, ASME, ATEX, PED, ABS, GOST, National Board, KOSHA, and SELO.​

To find out more about our electrical products, systems and solutions visit the Chromalox website.



Themocoax, which joined the Group in May 2019, is a leading designer and manufacturer of highly engineered electrical thermal solutions for critical applications in high added value industries. Its core technology is mineral insulated (MI) cable, which comprises single or multiple conductor wires insulated by magnesium oxide, all enclosed within a tubular metal sheath. This construction is extremely robust compared with standard polymer insulated cables and highly resistant to extreme environments such as high temperatures, pressures, vibration and radiation. These cables are transformed into bespoke high value-added functional products, such as heaters and sensors, for specialised, highly certified, critical applications. A particular advantage of Thermocoax's cable heaters is that they are small in size and low in weight compared with conventional tubular heaters allowing precise delivery of heat.  

Thermocoax was founded in France in 1957, is headquartered near Paris, France and has three manufacturing facilities in Normandy, another in Georgia, USA and a further facility in Heidelberg, Germany, as well as sales offices in the UK and China. 

To find out more, visit the Thermocoax website​.​